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St Peters

14 June 2016

St Peters - What we love about our school

The pupils from St Peter’s CofE primary school were asked to take photos of their favourite things about their schools whilst learning about online safety. They pupils were given ipads to take photos and write about what their favourite things were. These are a selection of the photos that they choose. They said: We really like our value board because it has a picture of a rainbow on it and it tells us what the values of our school are. We really like our rainbow of forgiveness because it brings new friends together. We love our playground because it has a treehouse in it and we love playing together. We really enjoy reading and maths and love all of our teachers in our school. Golden time is one of our favourite times because we get rewarded for working hard. What was really nice about this activity was that the pupils reflected on all the positive aspects of their school, whilst learning what was appropriate to put online.
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